Shopify Store Setup

Our team is familiar with Shopify and knows how to create an online store that perfectly meets your goals.

Integration & Setup of Shopify App

Our Shopify integration and configuration solutions can integrate payment gateways, custom features, third-party apps, or APIs.

Shopify Development

You can count on us to get your business up and running quickly, as we are one of the leading Shopify eCommerce development companies.

Payment & Shipping Set-Up


When your customers use our payment services, we want their transactions to be as simple as possible.

Product & Inventory Set-Up

With our product setup and inventory service, you can easily add the items you want shoppers to see, manage your inventory, and change your stock levels.

Process Followed by Uplers as a Shopify Web Development Company

  • Understanding your requirements

    Our team of experts sit with you to lock in upon your project scope

  • Setting up a roadmap

    Having assessed your business objectives, we chalk out a suitable roadmap to fulfill the same.

  • Designing

    The target UI is mapped out, and the wireframes and mockups are sealed.

  • Development

    We get to work building the Shopify store you envisioned.

  • Testing

    Every version of the store put out by the developers is subjected to rigorous testing and robust feedback loops before it is shared with you.

  • Deployment

    Once you are happy with the final outcome, your Shopify store is deployed, going live, essentially.


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