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10 Must-Have Plugins for Optimizing WordPress Speed and Performance

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As per the facts from research and data, 57% of visitors will leave your website if it takes more than 3 seconds to load. A slow-loading website will harm your online presence and impede your progress.

Here are 10 Must-Have Plugins for Optimizing WordPress Speed and Performance and maintaining your focus and attention till the end of this blog article.

Luckily, WordPress website owners have a good advantage because the WordPress plugin directory offers a wide variety of plugins to reduce loading time and speed up the speed of any WordPress website. Appco Software can help any business to load faster with our WordPress speed optimization professionals. 

What causes a WordPress website to load slowly?

As per facts, page loading speed has been a ranking factor in Google search algorithms since 2018. Slow websites will rank slowly in Google search results.

Here are the causes behind slow-loading websites

Large or unoptimized images 

On average, images can contribute 50% to 80% of the total web page size. So ultimately large and slow-loading websites take longer to display, resulting in slow website issues. Appco Software can help any business to load faster with our WordPress speed optimization service.

Lack of Caching 

According to search engines like Google, a fast-loading website can increase traffic and conversion by 20% and reduce bounce rate to 32%. Caching reduces the amount of data that will be downloaded each time a page is loaded which can lead to faster load times.

Unoptimized database

The database is the backbone of every site hosted with WordPress. A cluttered website database makes it harder to load a website with speed. Unoptimized SQL queries can lead to 60% database issues for website performance. Appco Software can help any business to load faster with our WordPress speed optimization expert.

Not using Content Delivery Network 

A CDN is a must-have for any website that operates globally. CDN makes it possible to deliver content across multiple servers reducing the load on a single server. According to facts, usage of CDN can reduce website load time by 60%.

10 Must-Have Plugins for Optimizing WordPress Speed and Performance

1. WP Rocket 

Wp Rocket is one of the best WordPress performance plugins. This plugin comes with a user-friendly interface that all WordPress users like. It can do various tasks for any WordPress site like database optimization or lazy load feature. Its features include –

a) User-friendly interface
b) Minify HTML, CSS, and JavaScript
c) Page Caching
d) Image lazy loading
e) CDN Integration
f) Direct Cloudflare Integration
g) Settings import and export

  1. NitroPack

NitroPack is more than a WordPress performance plugin because it is a complete speed optimization plugin. Instead of using various plugins and deciding what to do to optimize website speed, NitroPack has everything for you. It will implement features like Global CDN, minification, compression, image optimization, etc. Its features include –
a) Automatic WordPress website optimization

  1. b) Supports website on WordPress and other CMS
  2. c) Global CDN included for content delivery.
    d) Automatic website image optimization
    e) HTML, CSS & JS minification

    3 WP Fastest Cache 

WP fastest cache is one of the high-rated cache plugins on the WordPress platform. With this plugin, the site admin can delete all cached files and minified CSS & JS files. They can also enable or disable the available mobile cache option. It has various features like –

a) Delete cache
b) Image optimization
c) Minify HTML
d) Minify CSS
e) Combine CSS
f) Combine JS

4. Cloudflare CDN 

Cloudflare is a content delivery network that enables to reduction of load on a single server and the distribution of data over multiple servers. It is made up of 200 data centers located in more than 100 known countries, allowing fast and easy content delivery to end users.

This results in reducing the time to load content by 60%. This results in faster website performance, increased user satisfaction, and reduced server load.

5. Fast Velocity Minify 

Fast Velocity Minify helps optimize the performance of any WordPress website by reducing the size of CSS, JavaScript, and HTML files. It has over 70,000+ installs by WordPress users, reducing the number of HTTP requests made by the user browser and increasing the loading speed of the website.

6. Cache Enabler 

Cache Enabler is a great plugin from the team at KeyCDN. It is a lightweight caching plugin that any website user can set up in minutes. Its features include –

a) A Simple easy setup
b) 1 click to clear the setup
c) a Minification feature
d) Set cache behavior

  1. W3 Total Cache 

W3 total cache is another famous WordPress speed optimization plugin. It goes beyond just being a simple WordPress caching plugin functionality such as browser caching.

Its features include
a) Browser caching
b) Database caching
c) Database caching
d) Object caching

8. WP Super Minify 

The idea of minifying is to combine JS, CSS, and HTML files so that they can be compressed and served to website visitors in a way that reduces website loading times.

It’s worth noting that you should be very careful when setting up plugins like these. Its features include –

a) Minify JavaScript, CSS, and HTML
b) Option to stop compression of CSS/JavaScript
c) Very easy to use

9. LazyLoad by WP Rocket 

The truth is that you don’t need the entire page to load at the same time, especially the images on the website which usually take the most time to load. The idea of lazy loading is that elements are only loaded when they are needed. And that’s what the LazyLoad plugin by WP Rocket will do. So LazyLoad is a good way to enable this type of feature without causing issues with your hosting.

10. WP-Optimize 

 Whenever a WordPress website user adds a new post, WordPress creates a revision for the same page or post. For example, if a blogger edits a post four times, WordPress creates three real copies of the same post as revisions. This leads to inefficiency and misconfiguration in the database.

WP-Optimize helps to resolve this issue by removing unnecessary revision requests that result in bloat and slow access..


So in this article, Team Appco Software described step by step in easy-to-understand words and sentences on how to improve website performance by using 10 different plugins. We also described, what causes a WordPress website to load slowly. Mentioning more about our company, we have worked on 1200+ projects and satisfied many number of clients. We seek to work with you and provide you with solutions for your dreams and business ideas.
Choose Appco Software today.

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