Refund Policy

We at AppcoSoftware are committed to maintaining transparency and setting clear client expectations. To ensure clarity, we have established the following refund policy. You must adhere to the terms and conditions outlined in this policy to qualify for a refund.

To that end, we’ve designed the following refund policy, which outlines the terms and conditions that must be met to be eligible for a refund.

If you’re unhappy with our services, we’ll refund your money. Our services include:

  • Shopify Store Rebuild Redesign
  • Shopify Speed Optimization
  • Ecommerce To Shopify Migration
  • Shopify Theme Customization
  • Shopify Custom App Development
  • WordPress Development
  • WordPress Speed Optimization
  • Page Speed Optimization
  • Social Media Optimization Service
  • Search Engine Optimization Service
  • Meta Ads

SEO Services

For SEO projects, it is understood that the Client does not have the right to request a refund mid-project, even if they are unhappy with the progress or results so far.

Meta Ads and Google Ads Services

It is clarified that since Google and Meta collect all advertising fees directly, refunds are not possible for these fees. Also, any service fees charged by AppcoSoftware for managing these ads are non-refundable. In this Refund Policy, Clients are informed that these platforms do not refund fees once an advertising campaign is launched.

Web Development & Design Services

For Web Development & Design services, please note that any fees paid in advance are non-refundable once a project begins. If 50% payment is pending, in this case, we will analyze the work progress and then decide what percentage of the money will be returned. This is because we assign resources and invest time in the project as per the Client’s preferences and requirements.


Completion Timeline for Website Development: The website must be fully developed and operational (LIVE) within 90 days following the agreed-upon commencement date.

Termination of Development and Data: If the website fails to go LIVE within 90 days, we will cease all development activities and erase all stored data. We regret that no refunds will be issued in such an event.

Responsibilities of the Client: The Client is responsible for supplying all necessary materials and approvals in a timely manner to help the development process.

Ownership of Intellectual Property: Upon completion of payment, the Client will hold exclusive rights to the intellectual property of the developed website.

Payment Conditions: All payments should be made according to the terms specified in the contractual agreement.

Limitation of Liability Term: AppcoSoftware shall bear no liability for any damages that may result from using the website.