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With a decade of experience speeding websites, we are your #1 speed optimization service provider. With our work, you can expect a 90+ score on Google Page Speed Insights and GTMetrix. And the best part? We do all this without messing up a single pixel or feature on your site. 


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Why You Should Speed Up Your PHP Website

As an industry leader in website optimization for over a decade, Appco Software knows how to speed up Core PHP sites. If you’re having trouble speeding up your PHP website, we can help.

Fast Ranking

It’s no secret that Google loves quick, fast-loading websites. When your website loads quickly, you have a better chance of gaining a solid ranking, and you will get more traffic.

Increase Your Conversions

Even a fraction of a 1-second delay in page load time can cost you a lot. Research shows a 7% drop in conversions for every second your site takes to load.

Drive More Sales

Websites that load quickly generate more revenue. Generally, visitors are more likely to make a purchase from you if your website loads quickly.

Enhance Customer Satisfaction

Nobody likes waiting around. A just 1-second delay in page load time can lead to a over 16% decrease in customer satisfaction and user experience.

Lower Hosting Expenses

Faster sites are lighter sites, which means reduced hosting costs for you. By improving your website’s speed can lower its size, reducing your hosting co

Reduce Bounce Rate

If your website takes more than 4 seconds to load, most visitors will leave, which will negatively impact your site’s performance.

Satisfaction is Key

With our committed support, we ensure a seamless customer experience from start to finish, delivering data-driven real business results.

Norms and Ethics

To speed up your site, we apply a customer-centric and data-driven approach. Unlike other SEO companies, we don’t use unethical hacks that could penalize your store.


As a premier speed optimization service provider, Appco Software can help you speed up your site. We are the right choice for you because:

A Tailored Approach

We design customized solutions to meet your unique needs, letting you know what’s working and what’s not through targeted audits and changes.

Cost-Effective Solutions

As a cost-effective solution provider, we never compromise on quality. Our goal is to provide you with the best possible results at a price that fits your budget.

Open Communication and Reporting

You can always contact our team with questions, concerns, or feedback. Keeping things clear and transparent is important to us. With our transparent reporting, you’ll learn what we’re doing, how it impacts your site, and how we’re optimizing it.

Core PHP Speed Optimization Process

We believe that a great website shouldn’t just look good, it should also respond quickly.

Analytical Insights

As part of the process, we’ll review your site with a keen eye and let you know what we’ve found, along with some suggestions on how you can improve things.

Project Outline

With the information we gather, we will develop a step-by-step plan to get your website up and running quickly.

Choose Plan

After all of this, you will have to choose a plan that suits your budget and requirements. We have a range of plans to help you optimize your site.

PHP Enhancement

Once we’ve got the plan and budget sorted, we’ll get one of our PHP pros to start working on your site.

Performance Summary

After we’ve performed our side of work, we’ll show you a report that proves your website is now as fast. We will use the best speed-checking tools out there.

24/7 Support

As a leading speed optimization company, we will provide you with continuous support. Whenever you have questions or concerns, our team is available to help.

Lazy Loading

We implement lazy loading techniques for images, videos, and other media elements, loading content only when it’s needed to reduce initial page load times.

Timely Updates

The task of speed optimization is not a one-time fix. To maintain speed and performance, we will help you with updates – small or big.

Without Speed Optimization

Slow loading frustrates users

Affected business growth

No repeat visitors

Lower conversion rates

A high bounce rate

With Speed Optimization

Google and users love fast websites

A better customer experience

Website traffic increases

High conversion rates

Reduced bounce rates


When your website is slow or you want to boost its performance, speed optimization is what you need to do. So we check thousands of lines of code, and we reduce the size of images and media files.

The faster a website loads, the happier the user will be. Fast-loading websites attract more visitors, and they also rank higher in search engines. It’s time to speed up your website if it’s slow.

It depends entirely on your database and requirements. It usually takes less than a week, if everything goes well.However, there are some rare cases where it can take up to 15 days.

When it comes to speed optimization, we have a plan to help you achieve your goals. Depending on the complexity of the project and the requirements, the process may need to be changed in some cases. 

You can do that. However, you must have expertise in speed optimization. Hiring a dedicated speed optimization team will prevent data loss and bugs.

It depends on your site, including its size and complexity. Let us know what you want, and we’ll put everything you need to know about your speed optimization project in a detailed document.

Yes, of course. Take a look at our portfolio. In the past, we have worked on a number of websites. As a result, their speed has increased to more than 90 percent. While we can’t promise instant results, we’re pretty sure you’ll see a difference.

Well, we are one of the leading speed optimization companies in India, delivering top-notch results year after year. With years of experience optimizing websites for speed and performance, we’ve got you covered.

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