CodeIgniter (CI) Speed Optimization Services

We are experts in CodeIgniter website performance and speed optimization. With over 10 years of experience and a strong team, we’ve helped many websites perform better. Now, with years of experience and real-world knowledge, we can ‘help you speed up your CodeIgniter web application no matter what the challenges are.

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    How CI Website Speed Optimization Can Help

    With years of experience in CodeIgniter speed optimization, we know what works. There are many successful projects where we’ve been able to reduce load times and improve site performance.

    Optimized SEO

    Google loves fast websites, and by making your CodeIgniter site load faster, you can improve your SEO and boost your search engine ranking.

    Better User Experience

    When visitors find that a website opens fast, they are likely to stick around and explore it. As a result, their experience is much better and smoother.

    Reduce Bounce Rates

    When your website is slow, people just leave. A fast site engages users more, keeps the bounce rate low, and informs Google that the website is worth visiting.

    Increase Engagement

    Faster websites have higher engagement levels. If your potential visitors spend more time on your website, your sales will go up.

    Boost Conversions

    When your site is optimized for speed, people can browse better, which increases conversion rates.

    Maintain Rankings

    A quick-loading page ensures that visitors stay on your site longer, which helps you rank higher in the SERPs.

    CodeIgniter Speed Optimization: What We Offer

       90+ Score Guarantee

    On mobile and desktop, your website will score 90+ on Google PageSpeed Insights. Our only goal is a smooth user experience.

      Core Web Vitals

    We optimize your web vitals by optimizing FCP, LCP, CLS, and FID to help you pass Google’s PSI assessment.

     Chat Support

    Our subject-matter experts are available around the clock so you can receive quick answers and support whenever you need it.

     100% Money-Back Guarantee

    If we don’t deliver the results, we guarantee you will get a full refund. Every service comes with a 100% money-back guarantee.

     10 Years of Experience

    We have a team of specialists with more than a decade of hands-on experience in site speed optimization.

     Loads in 2 seconds

    With our speed optimization service, your site loads faster, and you will notice reduced bounce rates.

     Customized Solutions:

    We don’t follow a one-size-fits-all model. We understand that every site is unique, so our team creates custom optimization solutions.

     High-End Security:

    Our team takes extra steps to ensure your site is secure. To protect your site, we use encryption and the top security methods. 

     Performance Monitoring

    As we monitor your website’s performance on the go, we provide insights and make adjustments as needed.

    CodeIgniter Speed Optimization Process

    To provide you with the desired results, we have designed a process that works like a pro.

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    Site Audit & Analysis


    Optimization & Enhancement


    Speed Optimization Report

    How A Slow Website Can Affect Your Business

    Loss of New Customers

    If your website is slow, it will cause people to lose patience and leave your website. Nowadays, nobody wants to wait for a slow site to load. If your site isn’t quick, visitors will move on to another one.

    A Drop in Search Rankings

    Your site’s speed affects your rankings as well as your users. When your site loads slowly, search engines see that you’re not giving users a great experience, and your ranking gets pushed down.

    A Decrease in Sales

    Customers will stop shopping if a website is too slow, and they’ll look somewhere else. It impacts your earnings because it leads to a big drop in sales.

    Core PHP Speed Optimization



    90+ SCORE


    2-3 DAYS


    Why Choose Us for Laravel Speed Optimization

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    Why Choose Us for CI Speed Optimization

    To help you reach your desired goals, we offer advanced technology and tools for CodeIgniter speed optimization. Now is the time to speed up your website.

    0110+ Years of Experience

    We are not just another company in the industry. With over ten years of experience, we have been powering CodeIgniter websites all over the world.

    02 On-time Delivery

    The time you invest in your project is valuable, and we keep strict deadlines to ensure that you get what you need on time.

    03 Secure and Confidential

    Through the years, trust has been the foundation of our relationship with our clients. We respect our clients’ privacy and keep their details safe.

    04 Custom Team

    Because every project is different, we pick and provide the best professionals to help you achieve the desired results.

    05Worldwide Service

    Since we are a global IT company, we offer CodeIgniter speed optimization services around the world.

    06 Skilled Professionals

    With years of experience and hands-on knowledge, we offer world-class CodeIgniter speed optimization services.



    -One Time Fee

    $199 USD

    $99 USD

    • 90+ Google Desktop Speed Test
    • 65+ Google Mobile Speed Test
    • Upto 3 secs Load time on Gtmetrix
    • Same design and functionality


    -One Time Fee

    $299 USD

    $199 USD

    • 90+ Google Desktop Speed Test
    • 80+ Google Mobile Speed Test
    • Upto 3 secs Load time on Gtmetrix
    • Same design and functionality
    • Detailed SEO Audit Report


    -One Time Fee

    $399 USD

    $299 USD

    • 90+ Google Desktop Speed Test
    • 90+ Google Mobile Speed Test
    • Upto 3 secs Load time on Gtmetrix
    • May require design and functionality change
    • Detailed SEO Audit Report


    -One Time Fee

    $1275 USD

    $999 USD

    • Guaranteed 90% Poor URLs & Core Web Vitals Fixed on GSC
    • Guaranteed Core Web Vitals Assessment: Passed
    • 90+ Google Desktop Speed Test
    • 90+ Google Mobile Speed Test
    • May require design and functionality change
    • Detailed SEO Audit Report


    A faster website means a better browsing experience for your visitors. If you want to boost your business, speeding up your CodeIgniter website is a must.

    A number of benefits can be expected from speed optimization. It reduces wait times, so your customers won’t have to wait to access your services or products, keeping them more engaged.

    There are lots of things that can slow down your website, including server performance, code efficiency, database queries, and external resources. To make your site faster, we optimize these factors.

    Every website is different, so we can give you an exact timeline after checking your site and requirements. Once we implement our strategies, you’ll notice a big improvement in load times and user experience.

    No, speed optimization won’t change your website’s functionality or design. We only improve its performance.

    Not at all! Our team handles all technical aspects of speed optimization for you. You don’t need to do anything on your end. We’ll take care of everything.

    Website optimization is an ongoing process. As technology and user expectations change, regular optimizations help keep your site running smoothly. If your website starts to slow down, it’s time to optimize again.

    Just contact our team, and we’ll schedule a call to discuss your requirements. As soon as we collect the necessary information, we will begin optimizing your website.

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