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How do Faster Websites help you grow your e-commerce business?


Make your shopify store better, smoother, and faster. Boost the loading speed of your Shopify store across all devices and offer a personalized shopping experience.

Speed Errors Analysis

To ensure peak performance, our business provides a rigorous study of the loading speed of your website. To find any issues that can be slowing down your website, our team of specialists uses both manual and automatic techniques, including cutting-edge technologies like Google Page Speed and GTMatrix.

Google PSI Audit

For your website, our business provides a thorough Page Speed Insights (PSI) assessment. Our team of professionals will carefully analyse your website's loading time and pinpoint areas that need improvement. We'll provide you with thorough ideas on how to modify your website to comply with Google's requirements so that it loads swiftly and effectively.

Image Optimization

High-quality image optimisation is available for your website with our Shopify Page Speed Services. Our professionals employ cutting-edge methods to lighten your photographs without sacrificing their quality. The loading speed of your website is enhanced by this optimisation, making it quicker and more effective.

Apps Optimization

Without a doubt, we can assist you with your store's app optimization. we can determine which applications are harming the speed and functionality of your website by looking through the installed apps in your store.

Web Fonts Optimization

Our team of professionals can make sure that your website performs smoothly, efficiently, and with blazing-fast page load speeds since we specialise in Shopify web font optimisation. You can rely on us to take care of all of your Shopify web font requirements with professionalism and experience.

Lazy Loading

Without a doubt, we can assist you with lazy loading methods to enhance the functionality of your Shopify store. Instead of loading all resources at once when the website loads, the lazy loading strategy allows pictures and other resources to load just when needed. We can work with you to enhance the speed of your website utilizing lazy loading strategies since our Shopify professionals are skilled at putting them into use.

CSS & javascript

We at our Shopify agency are aware of how crucial website performance is. The CSS and Javascript files on your website can be optimized thanks to the assistance of our team of professionals. We'll assist in streamlining the performance of your website, making it quicker and more effective, by deleting extraneous code.

Decrease Page Size MB

We recognize the value of having a quick-loading online store because we are Shopify specialists and service providers. Among the methods to do this is to make your Shopify store's pages smaller. In order to do this, we advise you to optimize your HTML files, style sheets, photos, scripts, and other media without sacrificing quality.

Optimize LCP, FCP & CLS

At our Shopify speed booster team, we specialize in optimizing your website's LCP, FCP, and CLS to enhance its overall performance. Our team conducts thorough tests to identify the major factors that are impacting these metrics and then works towards fixing them. By improving your website's loading times and visual stability,

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